Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/5 Art Therapy Task

Kind Words for Strangers
Population: Geriatric
Task: The theme for the month of October is "Up, Up and Away" and the party we are having at the end of the month is a balloon launch! Each balloon let go will be tagged with the facilities name and phone number and a message asking for who ever finds the tag to please call and say where the balloon was found.
So, the task was centered around the soon to be released balloons. For the project you will need strips of paper approx. 2" x 6", a hole punch, markers, scissors, and ribbon. Each person in the group got at least two tags. Before giving the directions, a discussion was had about the nice things people have said to others or have been said to them and the feelings associated with such kind words. Once we had some ideas, the group was told to write onto the tag something nice for the stranger who may find the balloon. Encourage serious and silly responses, "You are having a nice hair day" is perfectly acceptable for this project!
Once all of the tags have been written on, punch a hole at the end of each tag, and have each participant thread some ribbon through the hole to later tie onto the balloons.

What art therapy projects did you do this week?

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hilary goodfriend said...

i love this idea, however sending out balloons is dangerous and harmful to all the wild animals out there. the balloons choke and kill many small animals