Monday, May 31, 2010

May Art Therapy Tasks

Hello all! It is the end of May and this is a recap of what I have been up to as the art therapist at an assisted living.

We started out the month by discussing Our Supports. What people supported you throughout life, and who might you have supported? I pre-cut tree trunks, green leaves, and roots. Then the group was asked to paste a trunk onto a colored piece of paper and write their name on the tree trunk. Next, each member was given several paper roots and asked to write the names of those who have supported them- maybe family, friends, religious supports, etc. and paste below the tree trunk. Finally, each person is given several green leaves. On these leaves they are asked the write the names of the people who they have supported throughout their lives- financially, emotionally, etc. and paste them onto the tree. Finally discuss how it impacted each members lives to be supported and to support others and all of the different kinds of supports available.

The following week we discussed Vacations to Remember. The group discussed all of the places they have visited and shared memorable stories. Next, each member chose one place that was the most special to create a brochure about. The project began by choosing a piece of colored paper to tri-fold. Then the group was offered magazines to search for imagery and markers to draw with if they preferred. In my group some people chose Florida, California, and Alaska, images included seals and icebergs in Alaska, sunsets and palm trees in CA, and beaches in FL. Once the pamphlets were created, the group went around the circle to share what it was about each vacation spot that made it so special and why other people would want to visit.

That is all for the month of May. See you next month with an update on art therapy tasks for June!