Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/12 Art Therapy Technique

For the Birds
Population: Geriatric
Art Technique: For the project you will need pine cones, twine, scissors, peanut butter, spoons, bird seed, 8"x 10" white paper, markers and news paper. Cover the table with news paper before you begin as this will be a messy project. Each person should get a pine cone, a spoon, and a spoonful of peanut butter (on the news paper in front of the participant is fine). Twine should be tied to the top of the pine cone leaving a large enough loop on top so the finished product can be hung in a tree outdoors. Ask each member to begin by covering his or her pine cone in peanut butter. Once finished, the pine cones should be rolled in bird seed.
Set the bird feeders aside and begin a discussion with the group members about their favorite birds and why they like those birds. Then ask each participant to create an image of what kind of bird they would be. Would they have a long tail and wings to help fly long distances? Would they be very colorful or not? Would they go south for the winter or would the stick it out? Process with the group the images and the members description of his or her bird.

What art techniques did you do this week?

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