Sunday, October 24, 2010

September and October Art Therapy Tasks

Calming Your Nerves
While playing meditative music have each member of the group create a water color image. Once finished, everyone cuts their image into strips. Rearrange the strips of paper to create an entirely new image. Strips can be laid side by side or woven together.

Walking Through the Valley
Have the group create an image of a valley with a mountain top on either side of the valley. Discuss what one low point in life was and have the group write or draw an image within the valley. Next, have each member come up with two high points in life. Discuss which was more difficult to come up with- the low points or the high points. Often we will find that low points are unfortunately more easily remembered. Also, discuss if it were possible to build a bridge over the low point would you do that in order to never have experienced that challenge? OR was there something to be learned from by going through that tough event?

Pacific Art
Show examples to the group of Pacific Native American art including totem pole animals. Notice the tendency toward symmetrical animal shapes. Next, pass out 11 x 14" paper to each member and have the group fold the paper in half (hamburger ways). Squeeze black paint on one half of the paper. Fold the paper again and smooth. Open the paper to reveal the symmetrical monoprint that has been created. Have group members turn the paper in all directions in order to find recognizable imagery. Once the paint has dried use markers in order to bring out the discovered imagery.

Four Seasons Mandala
Begin the group with a discussion of the four seasons. Talk about how one recognizes the new season and what activities can be done during each season. Hand each member a piece of paper that has a large circle drawn in the center of the page. Encourage the group to create an image of the four seasons-participants may create four equal sections on the circle, or may draw images from each four season all together. Task helps members reminisce about the past as well as orient in reality.


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Emilia Pond said...

this was a great help for me today. I think this is the most helpful art therapy form I've tried so far. thanks so much for posting.

Bec said...

I am currently using your lesson as inspiration for a lesson in my Master's thesis. Is there a specific person that I can credit this lesson to?

Unknown said...

Who can I credit for the above information?

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