Saturday, September 11, 2010

August Art Therapy Techniques

I cannot believe August is already a full week behind us! These are the tasks that I did in the wonderfully warm month of August.

Relaxation Task
Materials- Large table size piece of paper the entire group can reach/ use and markers.
Description- Begin by asked the group to pick a favorite color of marker. Next, have everyone in the group make big circles or shapes using their whole arm/ body and then instruct the group to make tiny scribbles using just the fingers and wrists to move the marker. Switch back and forth enough times to thoroughly loosen up the body and mind. Once the paper is full of scribble and color have the group put down their markers and listen to a guided meditation. Have the group relax their muscles one by one, and eventually lead the group to envision themselves as a tree rooted to the ground. Upon finishing the guided meditation, ask the group to look at the scribble in front of them. Encourage each member to recreate their self- tree within the scribble. Once everyone has finished drawing their tree, discuss each persons personal tree- how old is it, where is it located, is it alone or with other trees? Finally talk about the possibility of the tree as a personal metaphor.

Anchor Art
Materials- Pre-cut anchor shapes, markers, hole punch, ribbon or yarn.
Description- Ask the question of what an anchor does. Next, find out if the group can relate to the idea of an anchor- for instance what anchors you? And where do you get your strength from? Have each member draw or write their answers within the pre-cut anchor shape. Have the group share, and discuss each members responses. Talk about new places members may find strength from or how to strengthen weak anchors.

Experience Nature Prints
Materials- Leaves, pine cones, potatoes, apples, heavy paper, acrylic paints
Description- Cut apples and potatoes into slices to use as stamps, lay out out leaves, sticks, and pine cones in the center of the table. Ask the group participants to use the materials to create an image or just play!