Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Art Tasks

Hello all!

April's theme is the Wild Wild West!

The first task this month was "You are what you think you are". This task had more to do with the company's suggestions than the actual theme but we still had fun. For this task I had the group decorate a mask. For discussion we talked about all of the things that each member of the group would do if no one knew who they were. Some responses were to rob a bank, kick someone, or do stand up comedy. After everyone talked about what they would do, we then discussed how that desire and that person resides in each of us.. even if we do not let it out because it is not socially acceptable.... you are who you think your are even from behind your mask.

The second task this month was focused on the wildest thing group members have ever done. Keep in mind I work with geriatrics so the answers were pretty tame and rather humorous to reminisce about. First I had the group members write down on their paper the wildest and craziest thing that they had ever done in their life time. Next I had them flip over their paper and draw a picture representing this wild event. Once everyone was finished, I collected all of the stories/ images and mixed them up. Then I asked that who ever the wild story belonged to to keep quiet so that the group can GUESS who's wild story it was! I read allowed one story and have the group try to figure out who it belonged to. Again this brought up lots of laughs and camaraderie amongst the members as they discussed their wild behavior and compares stories.

What has everyone else been up to this week?