Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thesis Art Task

Guardian Angel
Population: Geriatric
Technique: This task was used in my second to last thesis group. The materials used are clay (Sculpy offers a lot of color options and is relatively easy to use) and a small canvas bag that ties at the top. The topic tonight was about death and loss. We began by discussing losses in life, how one deals with the loss of someone close, how that death occurred, what emotions were felt then vs. now, and if they feel any signs of their loved one watching over them (assuming everyone in the group believes that their loved one has gone on to another place). We also discussed symbols and signs that our loved one is still here in some capacity.
The art task begins by asking everyone in the group to focus on one person in their life who has passed and what animal that person most resembled in behavior. Once everyone in the group has come up with an animal they are then asked to sculpt that animal out of clay. As everyone finishes the project, have each individual share with the group what their animal means and how it resembles their loved one. Finally, (a full ceremony is an option) place the animals into the small canvas bag and discuss what it means to be able to carry a piece of their guardian angel.

What are therapy techniques did you use this week?

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