Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8/25/09 Art Technique

Shaving Cream Painting
Population: Geriatric
Technique: Begin by gathering shaving cream (scented or original), food coloring, a paint tray liner or similar wide and flat plastic container, large popsicle sticks and thick paper. Spray shaving cream into your plastic container. Have members of the group drip food coloring onto the shaving cream. Next, have members of the group run a popsicle stick through the foam in order to mix some of the colors. Finally, place the paper into the foam and evenly press the paper down. Pull the paper out and scrape off the excess foam to reveal a marbalized brightly colored print. Encourage the group the use the prints as cards to mail to friends and family, cut up in order to create a brand new painting, or even create a group quilt. Discuss how it felt to have no control over what the painting looks like and how it felt to regain that control by turning the painting into another piece of art.

What art therapy techniques did you do this week?

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