Monday, July 19, 2010

July Art Therapy Techniques

This month the theme is Washington D.C. and just American patriotism in general.

Believe in Yourself
This task is focused more on the discussion than the art. The main question for your group is what is something they never thought they could do, but eventually conquered. Some things include fearing public speaking but getting out and being in a play, or fearing yet eventually finishing higher education. Have the group create an image representing their conquest or try drawing the emotions felt from being fearful of the event to the joyful feelings once having completed the event.
There are many poems relating to this topic so it may be creatively beneficial to read a poem during the art making process.

Patriotic Moments
For this technique I used a spin art machine because it creates print that look like fireworks and one large piece of water color paper. Have each member of the group created one or two pieces of spin art. As each piece of spin art is completed turn them ink side down on the large piece of paper to create a print. Once all of the prints have been made you have just created your own group firework display. This can begin the discussion of patriotic memories. Where there any special firework displays, parades or family picnics that the group members can recall?

Proud to be an American
This task was done in November as part of Veterans Day
Materials: One piece of 18" x 24" construction paper, one blue square 5" x 5" or so, 6 strips of 24" white paper, 7 strips of 24" red paper, white glitter, markers, glue sticks.
Description: Each individual in the group gets at least one strip of paper. On the paper have the group write down what it means to them to be an American. Discuss the answers that come up. Collect the strips of paper and paste onto the flag. Complete by pasting the blue square in the upper left corner and adding glitter to represent the stars in the flag.

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Marcia Weisbrot said...

Hi Liz,
Thank you for sharing this wonderful variety of techniques. I found several that I could use!