Thursday, December 17, 2009

December Art Therapy techniques

Happy Holidays everyone! This month we are celebrating "Trekking through the Arctic" and as it is winter time, these tasks revolve around snow!

Unique as a Snowflake
Population: Geriatric, children, adolescents
Medium: White, blue, or gray construction paper, scissors, markers.
Description: Begin by discussing the amazing fact that every snowflake that falls from the sky is unique. Explain that the group will be making their own snowflakes. Fold up your paper as small as possible but still able to cut, cut out triangle and hills out of all 4 sides of the paper. Open up paper and show off your unique snowflake. Once everyone has created their own snowflake discuss what makes each person special and unique in their own way. Have each individual write at least one unique fact about themselves onto their snowflake. Finally, ask everyone to share what they have written with the group and process.

Shaving Cream Snowman
Population: Geriatric, children
Medium: Mens shaving cream, Elmer's glue, glitter, small black and multicolored pom-poms, small container like styrofoam cups, popsicle sticks, and 8" x 10" construction paper.
Description: This task is just fun! Fill up a cup for each participant with shaving cream and pour glue on top. Have everyone lightly mix the shaving cream and glue together (be careful not to stir too roughly or you might loose the fluffyness of the shaving cream). Add glitter as desired. Next, use the popsicle stick to move the shaving cream mixture from the cup onto the paper and construct a raised 2-D snowman. Once the snowman has been shaped use pom-poms to create the snowmans eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. Finally, add some shaving cream to the bottom to create a ground and dot around the page to make snow! Have fun with this task.

Candy Cane door-hang
Population: Low functioning children or geriatrics
Medium: Pre-cut candy cane cut out from 11" x 14" heavy white paper, red paint, paintbrushes, magnet tape.
Description: Pass out the pre-cut candy cane shapes to the group. Be an example by showing the group how to use the paint brush to paint red lines onto the candy cane. Help other individuals by doing hand- over- hand painting. Reminisce with the group about Christmas ornaments and traditions. Once the paint has dried, place 2 magnetic rectangles onto the back of the candy cane so participants can hang their decoration of the refridgerator or door.

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